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Registering an Out of State or New Vehicle in Pennsylvania

If you have a new or out of state vehicle that you want to register in Pennsylvania, the VIN on the vehicle MUST be inspected. This is done to make sure there are no typographical errors in the VIN and that you actually have the correct title or Certificate of Origin for the vehicle you want to title in Pennsylvania.

This can be done one of 2 ways.

  1. Bring the vehicle with you so that we may examine it ourselves.
  2. Use an MV-41 form. (All PennDOT Forms)

After you have a printed version in your hand, a Pennsylvania Inspection Mechanic can certify the VIN and sign it off with their PA Inspection number If the vehicle in out of Pennsylvania OR you cannot seem to get an inspection mechanic to examine the Vehicle VIN, there is a second option.

Any police officer may complete a section reserved specifically for them. They will sign it, insert their Department name and badge number and telephone number. Either way, then we do not need to see the vehicle.

Bring that completed document to us along with the Title or Certificate of Origin, your Pennsylvania Identification, a current Insurance card with your name on it and money. We will then transfer it into Pennsylvania.

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