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New Residents to Pennsylvania

All new residents are required to make application for Pennsylvania title and registration of their vehicle(s) within 20 days of entry into the Commonwealth when establishing residency in Pennsylvania.

In order to register your vehicle(s), you will need to bring the following items with you:

  1. The owner(s) of the vehicle. That would be any name that appears on the title.
  2. A valid title for all of the vehicles you want to register in Pennsylvania. It must be in your name or, if you just purchased the vehicle, you must be listed as the purchaser.
  3. Proof of Pennsylvania insurance, which would be a valid insurance identification card, declaration page of an insurance policy, a copy of a valid binder or a copy of an application for insurance to the Pennsylvania Assigned Risk These documents must indicate both effective and expiration dates.
  4. A PA Driver's License
  5. The vehicle. If you cannot bring the vehicle, you must supply a rubbing of the VIN. If you cannot secure a legible rubbing, we can come to your location after hours and confirm the VIN, for a house call fee.


If a Lien holder is in possession of your current title, we cannot process your work or give you a “temporary” license plate. We must have the title in our possession. So, please bring your payment statement or payment book. This usually has all of the information we need which would be the lien holder's full name and correct address, as well as your account number with the lien holder, and a contact name and fax number for the lien holder. We will need to contact the lien holder to obtain your current title before we are able to provide and issue you a Pennsylvania license plate for your vehicle.

There are a few financial institutions that will not work with us and instead will only deal directly with the customer. If this is the situation, you, the customer MUST tell the lien holder to include your contact information with your documentation so that we can let you know when the original title arrives (no photocopies, please). Otherwise, it will be a mystery title and could potentially be returned since we will have no record of the request.

Department of Transportation fees:

Title fee: $53

Registration for a Motorcycle: $19

Registration for a Car: $36

Registration for a Trailer up to 3000 pounds gvw: $6

Registration for a Trailer 3001-10000 pounds gvw: $12

Registration for a Trailer over 10000 pounds gvw: $36

Truck, starting at a minimum of 5000 gvw: $62 (price increases with weight)

If a lien must be placed on the vehicle: $25

Sales tax of 6% on the Purchase price, 8% if you live and register the vehicle in Philadelphia and Allegheny counties. Some Counties have a $5 fee per registration.

Plus our office and service fees.


If you hold a valid title issued in another state you own the vehicle at least 6 months before moving to Pennsylvania, you will not be required to pay any sales tax when you register your vehicle in Pennsylvania.

If your vehicle was purchased less than 6 months before moving to Pennsylvania, you must pay sales tax based on the difference between the Pennsylvania tax (6% of the purchase price less any trade-in or for Philadelphia or Allegheny county residents, 8% of the purchase price less any trade-in) and any sales tax you paid in the other state. For example, if you paid 4% in one State and moved to PA, you will owe an additional 2% in tax (4% in Philadelphia and Allegheny Counties). If you moved from NY city, you paid the same or more tax and would owe nothing because only in Philadelphia and Allegheny Counties is the sales tax as ridiculous as it is in New York City.


Any vehicle newly registered in Pennsylvania must be safety inspected within ten (10) days of the registration date. Inspections are performed at official inspection stations which can be found as a repair garage or a service station with a repair shop. Equipment checks include: lights, brakes, horn, tires, safety belts, exhaust system, mirrors, tag mounting, suspension, turn signals, steering, glazing, wipers, and other major parts of your vehicle. Inspection fees are posted at official inspection stations. There are several good shops locally.


Pennsylvania has a vehicle emissions inspection and maintenance (I/M) program. The I/M program is a key part of Pennsylvania's strategy to improve its air quality. While not required in all counties, it is in the five surrounding Philadelphia counties The I/M program covers all gasoline-powered cars, vans and light-duty trucks. Prior to 1996, the vehicles are put on a dynamometer. With the advent of OBD II, all the Inspection Mechanic has to do is plug into the vehicle to check system. Inspections are performed at privately owned garages and service stations certified by PennDOT. Inspection fees can vary, and motorists should shop around.

If your vehicle does not pass emissions after you make more than $150 worth of repairs, a certified emissions inspection station might grant you a one-year waiver. If one necessary repair costs more than $150, you could be required to make it before being considered for a waiver. Waivers will not be issued to vehicles that have been tampered with or modified for emissions purposes.

There are several instances when emissions is NOT required:

(1) Special mobile equipment.

(2) Implements of husbandry.

(3) Motor vehicles being towed.

(4) Classic, antique or collectible motor vehicles.

(5) Motorcycles.

(6) Motorized pedal cycles.

(7) Street rods.

(8) Vehicles repossessed by a financier or collector through the use of miscellaneous motor vehicle business registration plates.

(9) Buses with a seating capacity of 16 or more.

(10) Motor vehicles being driven, or towed by an official inspection station owner or employee for the purpose of inspection.

(11) New vehicles while they are in the process of manufacture, including testing, and not in transit from the manufacturer to a purchaser or dealer.

(12) Vehicles driven less than 5,000 miles in the previous 12 months as indicated by the mileage noted on their safety inspection certificate or by the mileage recorded on the vehicle inspection data base and which were owned by one individual for at least 1 year.

(13) Current model year vehicles which are subject vehicles never before registered in this Commonwealth or any other jurisdiction and which have less than 5,000 miles on their odometers.

(14) Specially constructed vehicles.

(15) Vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 9001 pounds or more


Important note:

PennDOT Driver License and Photo License Centers only accept payment by check or money order. No cash or credit cards are accepted. All new residents are terrified that there is a test to receive a PA Driver License to replace your current and valid out-of-state one. There is no written or driving exam.

All new residents must obtain a Pennsylvania driver's license within 60 days of establishing a permanent residence in Pennsylvania. You cannot register your vehicle without first getting a PA Driver’s License. It will take time to get a PA Driver License since you will need to fulfill some proof of residency requirements, which usually require one billing cycle so that you have a Utility bill and other documents to substantiate your residency. Click here for the list of requirements:

Please feel free to contact us for the Driver's License Center closest to you. This is the closest one for most people in Northern Chester County:


PennDOT Photo & Exam Center
Lincoln Court Shopping Center
Rt. 30 & Malin Road
Malvern, PA 19355
County: Chester

* Commercial Knowledge test only given until 2:00pm because of length of test.

The Driver's License Center will require you to complete some forms which they will provide. You will also need to take a vision screening test. You will need to take with you your valid driver's license from your prior state or a recently expired (six months or less) but otherwise valid license and your social security card. There is a copy of the State Fact Sheet below for more information. You will also need a check or money order for the cost of your Pennsylvania Drivers License. If your out-of-state driver's license has expired more than six months ago, you will be required to apply for a Pennsylvania Learners Permit and complete all testing prior to receiving your Pennsylvania Driver's License. So, please don’t let that happen!!

When you are issued a Pennsylvania Driver's License, the driver's license from your prior state must be surrendered to the examiner at the Driver's License Center. We also keep free copies of the PA Drivers Manual in our office for you.

Because Pennsylvania has strengthened its licensing requirements for young drivers, if you have an out-of-state license and you are under 18, you will need to meet additional requirements or provide additional documentation before you can receive a Pennsylvania driver's license. You will need to contact the Driver's License Center Examination point for further details.


All new residents with out-of-state CDL's must surrender them within sixty days of establishing Pennsylvania residency. To apply, a commercial driver should follow the steps listed above under "To Obtain Your PA Driver's License". Drivers who have a Haz-Mat Endorsement on their out-of-state driver's license, and want to retain it, will be required to retake and pass the Haz-Mat Knowledge Test. Commercial Driver's Manuals are available at no cost in all of our offices. Simply stop in for your free copy.


If you are at least sixteen years of age, a resident of Pennsylvania, you may apply for a photo identification card at any Driver's License Center. To apply, you will need to take proof of name, birth date, two different forms validating address, your social security card and a check or money order for $28.50 to the Driver License Center. Photo ID cards are a viable source of identification for those who may not have a driver's license. But, contrary to popular belief, you may possess both a PA Driver License and well as a PA ID Card. If you cannot find your license, it is nice to have another form of State issued ID to carry. It will most likely save a lot of aggravation while your license is being replaced.


When visiting the Photo License Center, you will be asked if you want to register to vote. After you answer a series of questions, you will be asked to confirm the information you have selected. Upon completion of this process, your application to register to vote will be completed. The Department of Transportation will forward your application to the Pennsylvania Department of State. The PA Department of State will forward it to your county voter registration office. The county voter registration office will notify you whether your application has been accepted or rejected. If it is accepted, your county voter registration office will send you a voter registration card in the mail. You are not required to register to vote OR to change the address of your current voter registration.


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