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Replacing your Pennsylvania License Plate for Free, Part III

This is a short article today. The first license plate we applied for was actually a passenger car vanity plate. Since we knew that if the replacement really worked, it would take 10 weeks to get a replacement. That's why we decided to replace a beat up trailer plate. That would be an easy one to have Penndot satisfy because all they had to do is grab a new one off the shelf.

6 weeks later, guess what? We got a brand new, shiny vanity plate in the mail! Here's a picture of the old and the new. As we stated in Part II, you have to send the old plate back to Penndot. They enclosed a form with the plate. Savings? $79 minus postage. We think it's a good deal.

Replacing your Pennsylvania License Plate for Free MV-46 Form

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