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Transferring a Car after the Death of a Relative or Friend

When a person passes away, this is always a difficult time for the Survivor. The Survivor could be a relative or a friend, or the bank or a lawyer that handles the estate. Among the possessions that are often left do be disposed of are vehicles. Cars, trucks, motorcycles and trailers, these items have to go to new homes. In Pennsylvania, these all have titles to prove who the owner is. There are some exceptions to the rule, but those instances are rare. When someone dies, people don't know what to do or who to talk to. We will explain what to do to transfer a title to a new owner after we have all of the information from your particular case.

Here is what you are going to need to transfer the vehicle currently in the name of the deceased.

  • Pennsylvania Title
  • Death Certificate OR Short certificate
  • The Informant on the Death Certificate, the Executor/Executrix listed in the will, Or the Appointee listed on the Short Certificate
  • Whoever in #3 that is the Representative for the Estate with their government issued ID
  • The will if it exists
  • The Purchaser/Receiver with their ID, current insurance card with their name on it and money

Once you have all of that collected, everybody should come in to visit us. We will complete the MV-39, if necessary. The MV-39 looks like this:

Transferring a Car after the Death of a Relative or Friend

Transferring a Car after the Death of a Relative or Friend

Depending upon the one of the 6 selections made, you will need some information and signatures. For example, there are instances where a person will have to sign off that there are no debts owed by the deceased. Another situation requires listing all heirs. Please read the front and back of the attached form to become familiar with it.

We make a copy of certain parts of the will and submit it with all of your paperwork. This is your proof that you are the authorized person handling the estate. If a Short Certificate is supplied, the MV-39 is NOT required as the short certificate designates the person authorized to sign on behalf of the estate. Otherwise, ALWAYS bring an ORIGINAL Death Certificate or a Short certificate . You will not get it back. Penndot will keep it. No photocopies.

Death is never easy for the Survivors. The variables are many and there can be unseen complications. Listing all of them would not be an article, it would be a book. Most times we can work them out and guide you on how to get your deceased's vehicles transferred to the new owner.

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