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Notary service is available. Our notary service is NOT restricted to only items for the Department of Motor Vehicles. We will happily perform Notary work on Wills, Waivers, Contracts, Power of Attorney and most other documents. We will make certified copies of most documents.


Please know and understand your documents when you come in. There may be waiting customers behind you while you are reading your 17 page Mortgage. If you require witnesses, such as the case with wills (usually need 2), please call. We may or may not have witnesses available for you. If not, just bring your own. They should NOT be related to you. If there is an INSTRUCTION SHEET for the notary in your pile of legal documents, be sure to give that to the Notary so that the proper procedures are followed to notarize your documents.


If you are dealing with financial documents, sometimes there is a requirement to have a document “Signature Guarantee”. That is not a Notary and must be done through a financial institution. That is a special medallion.


Military (Currently serving or Veteran) or Senior citizen? Be sure to let us know. We have special discounts.


Dealer or Out of State PA Resident?

Let us handle your DMV paperwork!